Congratulations to Blaine Saunders, the official Fourth Round Winner of $10,000!

Thank you for entering the 2020 CF Hockey Draft of Hope. The official Standings are complete for all games played on of before September 28th, 2020. Good luck in taking home one of the 103 cash prizes!

PlaceTicketEntrantPointsGoals+/-Players Left
12096Blaine Saunders3411276910
26095Bryce Jakeman3401261125
30276Del Nerbas3331141169
43826Warren Stang3301218511
51339Ryan Orchard3251255915
60231Andre Provencher3241231108
73872Peter Chan316114956
80637Brady Ohara3151171088
92100Blaine Saunders3151151222
100661Troy Walker315110759
111574Chris Mcneil3121185519
123586Allan Sinclair3121001038
130349Jonathan Mark311119916
140620Brady Ohara3111171047
150045Dale Ferleyko311117829
161645Brett Peake3091111146
171885Scott Johnston309108845
181903Cory Gillard3081151056
191821Rob Hart308106855
200172Randy Wiggins3071211026
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